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Headshot Booth for Your Tradeshow

Headshot booths are a great way to engage potential clients, offer professional headshots, and capture leads. Headshot booths are great for conferences, trade shows, or customer appreciation celebrations. The headshot booth creates a positive first impression with the audience, allowing your company or organization to get to know each person that comes to the booth. Every guest gets a personalized headshot session to make sure they look their best in the photos. Digital images can be immediately sent to each guest, and the photos can also be shared or used for their brand. Additionally, the headshot booth allows you to collect data about your guests for marketing efforts. All in all, having a headshot booth is a great way to engage your audience, provide valuable headshots and capture important information.

Lead Capture with every Headshot

Each attendee provides contact information to receive their images. We collect names and emails for your use in further marketing efforts after your event.

Not Just Another Photo Booth

We are headshot specialists. You get the best quality for your attendees. Its just that simple. We use flattering light and expert expression coaching to get the best headshot image in a short amount of time. Your attendees leave with a pep in their step from a little boost of confidence that a professional headshot photographer provides. That positive feeling reflects on your brand!

Networking Opportunities

Headshot booths serve as a natural conversation starter and icebreaker which facilitates networking opportunities between attendees. While waiting for their turn at the booth, attendees can strike up conversations with each other, helping to foster connections and build relationships. This can be especially valuable in trade show and conference settings where networking is a primary objective.

Make it Special with Instant Photo Delivery

Instant photo delivery is a game-changer for events and trade shows. It is a powerful tool that can enhance the overall event experience and provide a seamless and efficient way for attendees to receive and utilize their headshot photos in real-time. Each attendee receives a private gallery of their images where they can download the images and share them to social media.

Branding and Marketing

Each delivered headshot includes an overlay with your company and event branding elements. When shared on social media the images will increase your event’s online visibility. Branding is also available for the attendee’s private gallery which will extend your branding past the event.

Premium Headshot Booth Experience

We give your attendees the Personal Touch







How Much Does a Headshot Booth Cost?

Our Premium Headshot Booth experience starts at $3500 / day. There are additional options and we can also develop a custom quote to meet your needs and budget. Schedule a call or fill out the inquiry form to get started.

Optional add-ons:

  • Makeup Artist
  • Additional Assistants to help with Attendee Management
  • Custom Sign-up Page
  • Basic Retouching

Headshot Booth
w/ Instant Delivery

  • Pre-shoot planning session to finalize event details
  • Name and email of each attendee provided after the event
  • Each attendee receives a private gallery with your branding
  • Corporate Portal to access all of the photos/galleries
  • Typically 20-30 people in an hour

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