About Me

About Architectural Photography

Architectural and interiors photography feeds both my geeky and creative sides as it is a perfect blend of technical expertise, on-site troubleshooting, and creative freedom to produce awesome imagery. I love the lines, angles, light, shadows, and how things fit together.

I started photographing businesses in 2014, when Google asked me to join the Google Trusted Photographer program. I shot the Inside of businesses for Google Street View with 360 virtual tours and various business photos. I saw improvements could be made in the process and quickly began adjusting the Google 360 tours to achieve high end results. I developed a skill and appreciation for photographing architecture and interiors, and I began to focus in these areas. While I still take care of businesses with a broad range of commercial photography and video, architectural photography remains my main passion.

Why Headshots

While headshots have been part of my commercial business since my beginning in 2011, I wanted my headshot photography to be at the same level as my architectural and interior work. So to be one of the best headshot photographers, I learned from the best: my mentor and World Class Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley. I am now one of his few Associates (170 worldwide) and part of his Headshot Crew.

To provide the Best Headshot experience, I opened my studio space which is conveniently located near my home in Bellaire, as well as the Galleria, Medical Center, and Downtown. My studio is cozy enough for individual headshot and branding sessions, but spacious enough to accommodate larger groups for headshots or group photos. My studio space is also available for meetings, so if you need an offsite space for your team or organization, check out the West Loop Rental Studio for your needs.

Corporate Events Too?

Well, yes… I started shooting Little League Baseball in 2011, then was asked to shoot some school activities, and from there, my event work has grown. While my focus has shifted over time to Architectural Photography, I have continued my event work for Corporate and Non-Profit clients. With Headshots, there is a natural synergy with big events, and I am providing a premium Headshot Booth experience for tradeshows, conferences, and big meetings.

Dee Zunker | A little more personal

The theme of my life story is making an impact at every single thing that I do. I also have an overwhelming sense of purpose to share my talents with others. Commercial and Architectural photography allows me to create compelling, interesting imagery to help people make an impact in their business and branding. I am fulfilled knowing I helped make this happen. 

Photography feeds my geeky and creative sides. The greatest part of my work is that I am able to use my left and right brain together to capture images that are above and beyond client expectations. I have always had a strong technical side balanced with a need to be creative and draw outside the lines. Photography allows me to use my skills of project management, technical expertise, on-site troubleshooting, and creative freedom to produce awesome imagery. I love the lines, angles, light, shadows, and being able to see how everything fits together.

Texas A&M Graduate

It’s hard to believe, but I started by earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M, while playing on a golf scholarship. I later earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Houston. I worked in corporate America for over 25 years in Oil and Gas, with multiple companies, including Mobil Oil, ARCO Chemical, Air Liquide, and Enterprise Products.

I chased my passion to be a professional photographer as a side hustle for a few years, then made the permanent move to full time architectural and commercial photography in 2017. My prior focus in operations, project management, business development, and business management all transferred well to operating my photography business and propelled me forward. 

But it’s not just me…  I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 children (23, 19, and 16). We also have 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, and 4 guinea pigs! I grew up in Amarillo, TX, but have lived in the Houston area since I married by sweetheart. I am blessed to have had awesome, driven parents whose grit and humor rubbed off on me. I enjoy visiting my sister and her family especially when my work takes me to Dallas. My favorite color is red, I love hard rock music, I build our family’s computers, and I love trying to figuring out how to do new things in my spare time. Ohhh, how I love the age of the internet!

I look forward to meeting you and creating images that capture your essence or project while conveying your message to your audience. I love what I do, and want to make the experience special for you too!

Selected Clients

AGM Incorporated
Alvine Engineering
Architectural Synergy & Design
Arieli Investments, LLC
BBF Design Group, Inc.
Boulder Associates Architects
Byrd Interior Constructors
City of Bellaire
Counter Craft
Epic Midstream
Food Design Professionals
Fuel Maxx
Gandy Lighting
Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc.

Griddy Energy LLC
Haltner HAI, LLC
Hollingsworth Pack
Houston Airport System
Huber Decor Inc.
Inkredible Dance Floors
Jones Lang La Salle
Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.
Karsten Interior
Kirksey Architects
LACON Custom Homes
Landry’s Inc.
Leeco Steel
Medcore Partners
Miles Associates
Modjeski and Masters

National Trust For Historic Preservation
New Millenium Building Systems
Park USA
Planet 3 Elevation
Rebellion Photonics
Remote Operations Center, LLC
RJ Clifton Designs
Rulon International
Stonegate Senior Living
Structure Tone
TAMCO North America
The Weitzman Group
United Equities
US Cryo
Valsource International LLC
Village Green

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