Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography is the art of capturing an accurate representation of a building or design in a visually appealing way. Specialized gear and proper planning are essential to making compelling images.

Exterior photography uses mostly ambient light, but additional lighting may be added to emphasize an area, or balance light, to capture what our eye sees. Picking the right time of day is essential, and usually requires some scouting of the location.

The proper elevation for capturing the subject are also important and can be managed in a number of ways including elevated poles, elevated platforms, photographing from another building, aerial or drone photography.

Interiors photography is also captured with mostly ambient light, so timing is a factor when planning a shoot. More supplemental lighting is typically used for interiors to control color casts, even out exposures, and add depth.

I use perspective control lenses to ensure the verticals are straight, and so I can more precisely control the image in the camera.

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