West Loop Rental Studio


West Loop Rental Studio

The West Loop Rental Studio is now my home base. The Studio is located just south and west of the Loop 610 and Southwest Freeway (US 59/69) intersection which is close to my home and centrally located in Houston.

With on-location Architecture, Commercial, Drone and 360 photography as my core business, I do not need a full time studio space. I opened the Studio to meet my objectives, as well as support other creatives with a space they could call home. The studio can accommodate other photographers, workshops, and meetings.

A space for corporate headshots, branding sessions, and large group photos

I have been providing headshots and corporate staff photos on location since I started my photography business in 2011. I wanted a space that I could offer individual branding and headshot sessions, single new-hire headshots for my corporate clients, as well as a place for larger groups. Over the last 2 years, I have been focusing on my headshot technique with mentoring from the top headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. I am now one of his Headshot Crew Associates. I am very excited to complement this part of my business with a dedicated space.

A place for the creative community

I have been a member of various photography groups over the years. Finding a space to regularly accommodate meetings has always been a bit of compromise. I designed the space to include social areas as well as meeting/shooting spaces so these groups would feel at home.

A space for major productions

Knowing I would only be using the studio part time, I designed it to accommodate rental for larger productions. The space includes 3 makeup counters, 2 dressing rooms, a Lounge (green room), production offices, coffee/tea bar, 2 bathrooms, and a 2000 sq ft studio with high ceilings and garage access. There are also monthly plans for other photographers to use the space as their own.

A place to print your work

Printing is a very important part of the creative process. There are few local printers, and owning your own fine art printer is expensive and a bit of a labor of love. I am making my printers available to other photographers that need to print their work, and maintain control of the process from start to finish.

A place for my ever growing collection of gear

This may seem a little silly, but getting my gear out of our bedroom, garage, and home office has been quite rejuvenating.

So if you need a place for a meeting or are looking for a headshot photographer, remember the West Loop Rental Studio, and give me a call to get you scheduled.

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