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Here is another image from the series of “Good Bye Pine Street”. The Paul W. Horn Elementary School at 4535 Pine Street in Bellaire, TX was first built in 1949. This 62 year old building was replaced this summer with a brand new school. My son attended this school for the last 6 years, and my daughter for the last 2. I was there as the old building was torn down. The day I saw half of the third grade wing crumbled, I knew I had to capture the last days of our old school. I felt a sense of attachment and sorrow that I did not expect. After all, we were getting a brand new school in the Fall. What I found during the seven early morning and late evening photo sessions were little reminders of the wonderful memories that we have in this school. I captured bits of the past within the rubble as the school was torn down. I hope you find these images as interesting as I have. With a new school, you can imagine there are upgrades needed. It seems only fitting that these images of the old school should help support the new school. A 2012 calendar in a poster and a wall option are being sold with a portion of the proceeds to the Horn PTO to support upgrades to the new building and facilities. Orders for calendars will be taken until November 18, 2011.

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  1. I’m so sad to see this! I went to Horn School from 1961 through 1963; first, second, and third grade. I currently live in Oregon and very fortunately visited the Bellaire area in about 2009 or 2010 and saw the old school one more time. I recognized it even after 50 years! Mrs. Rutherford was my First grade teacher; I saw her at some function in Bellaire about 10 years later and she instantly remembered my name. My second grade teacher was Mrs. Smith, and my third grade teacher was Mrs. Renee Brock – she passed in 2016 and her obituary is still online. I moved to the other side of Bellaire in 1964 and transferred to Condit Elementary which was close to the Bellaire pool and the police station, and the Bellaire Library.

    • My Kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Beers in 1969. My 2 ND Grade teacher was Mrs
      Morris or Morrison ..but I m thinking Mrs. Morris. 1970. I was at Horn and then went to Condit Elementary.


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