What is Included in Retouching Architectural Photos?


Basic Retouching

Basic retouching is included in every licensed image, and includes the following:

  1. Exposure blending with multiple exposures and or flash frames
  2. Perspective adjustments
  3. Color balance corrections and balancing
  4. Minor object removal
    • Interiors: wall outlets / switches, exit signs, fire alarms, general signs, cords, spots on the floor
    • Exterior: orange cones, small brown or bare spots in grass, small trash, spots on concrete, light poles, cables, traffic signs
  5. Sky enhancement

Advanced Retouching: “Departure from Reality”

Advanced retouching is quoted on a case by case basis as requested by the client. Here are a few examples covered in advanced retouching:

  1. Grass / landscape addition or replacement
  2. Removal of large objects or many small objects
  3. Major street / sidewalk / parking lot cleanup
  4. Changing the color of objects
  5. People removal or addition
  6. Addition of furniture or staging for an empty room
  7. Changing the time of day such as a “virtual twilight”
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