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1The Basics

  • Google Maps Street View | Trusted includes a premium quality, 360 virtual tour of your business interior that will show up in Google Search and Google Maps with your Google listing.
  • A virtual tour is a collection of photos put together with software. These photos are taken at each point along a path within a business in all directions and at different exposures to create a 360 degree HDR panoramic image. The “pano” images are then arranged and stitched together in software based on Google Street View technology to create an immersive walk through experience. Your customers can look around at each point, zoom in to look at your merchandise more closely, and click to go to the next spot.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are processed from a group of images at different exposures to overcome the limitations of cameras and more closely represent what you and I see with our own eyes. Many landscape photographers use the technique to create awesome art. I use it to create great realistic images of your business.
  • You can include standard photos in your package also. These photos can include interior, exterior shots of your business, products, décor, or your staff.
  • Street View | Trusted virtual tours and photos appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local Pages, but you can also easily embed the tour on your own website or Facebook Page!
  • Increased visibility of your business on the internet!

    More people are using their phone, tablet, and computer to research businesses before they visit them. Providing more information about your business directly available in Google Search and Maps encourages people to find out more about your business.

  • There is a one-time fee for the business photography and posting the tour to Google’s servers. Once the tour is added to Google Maps, there are no other costs involved and no monthly fee. The cost for each business depends on the size, type of business, and how much detail you would like to cover for your business. I will work with you on the path through your business to provide a good, cost effective tour for your business. Contact me for a free in-person quote.

2 The Sign Up Process

  • Simply contact me by email or phone. If you are ready to schedule your tour, I can immediately get you on my schedule. If you would like more details, I will stop by and explain all of the details.
  • Yes, you will sign the Photography Services Agreement which explains what is included in your package. Also, anyone that will appear in the photographs or tour will sign a model release.


The Photo Session

  • For most businesses, I recommend people not be present in the virtual tour as they can be blurry if not staged. If you would like to include people in your tour; we will arrange proper planning and staging of the people to not negatively impact the quality of the tour. Also, anyone present in the tour will require a model release or their face will be blurred. For religious, medical, or child related locations, no one may be present in the images.
  • For most businesses, I recommend either before or after business hours to capture the space without anyone in the tour to provide a clean and professional look of the photos. For religious, medical, or child related locations, no one may be present in the images, and after hour scheduling can be arranged to best accommodate the session. Twilight sessions are an option which can highlight the exterior of your location, including lights against the “blue sky” of twilight. For locations with nice views, sunset or sunrise sessions may also be scheduled to best represent your business.
  • Photo shoots will include the main customer-facing areas of your business. You can inform me what areas of your businesses you would like to highlight, or exclude from the shoot. The goal of the photographs is to show customers what they would expect to see if they visited your business today.
  • I recommend cleaning your business prior to the photo session and making sure that the business displays what customers would see if they walked in on a normal day. Remember, the virtual tour sees in 360 degrees…in all directions!
  • If you want specific decor (eg. flowers, set tables, food dishes), please have your space ready to shoot at the scheduled start time. Minor changes, such placing specific things in different frames to create a scavenger hunt, can add some excitement and buzz to the tour for your customers. Having fun with your shoot is encouraged.
  • A typical Street View | Trusted photo session including the tour and feature photos takes 1-2 hours. Larger businesses or shoots with staged people scheduled for up to 3 hours. If add-on options such as headshots or additional product shots with full lighting and backfrop setups are requested, additional time will be scheduled.
  • Yes! Having fun with your shoot is encouraged. For example, you can create a scavenger hunt for your customers, or you can use signs in front of faces instead of having me blur them later.

4 After the Photo Session

  • After the photo session, I process the files for the tour and standard photos, put the tour together using Google proprietary software, and then upload the tour to Google. Google will review the package for Quality Control, and I will then publish the tour to Google.
  • The tour will typically be live after 5-7 business days, and at that time I will send you a link for your standard photos.
  • After the package is published, I will send an email notifying you. It will include a link to your tour, a download link for your standard photos so you can keep them on your hard drive to use as you wish, and instructions on how to embed the tour on your webpage.
  • Yes, I can. You can add me as a manager to your Google+ page (note: you remain the owner), and I will add your photos to your profile and scrapbook to help you get your page to 100% complete. The 100% is important for SEO purposes. I charge a small fee for this service.
  • For each Street View |Trusted package I complete, I add a post to my portfolio. I embed your “See Inside” tour and a selection of the standard photos. I also include a link directly to your webpage from mine, to send a little traffic your way as well.

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