Downtown Houston: Floor Sixty


This week, I finally made it to the sky lobby of the Chase Tower in downtown Houston. There were only a few tourists wondering around taking photos in front of the large windows with downtown Houston in the background. I think I found one of the missing Decepticons captured in a box. This sculpture is a replica of the large one at street level that guards the entrance of the Chase Tower. The 5-story sculpture in front of the Chase Tower is by Joan Miro entitled “Personage and Birds”. The sculptures show off bright primary colors. This little one made me think of the Decepticons of the famous Transformer movies, and changing the color pallet to monotone helped to enforce that feel.

The sky lobby is on the 60th floor on the Chase Tower which is at the corner of Milam and Capitol in downtown Houston. There is a dedicated elevator that brings you to this level. There are 75 floors in the building, and it is the tallest in Texas.

Click here to see more of Downtown Houston in black and white.

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